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Nose to Tail

AND forgotten cuts

Eating the cuts that are often discarded.

Nose to tail eating is a growing movement among those who care about what they eat and how it impacts the environment. It’s a return to sustainability and a statement against waste. If you like, sausages, oxtail soup or some nice pate on your cracker then you are already half way there!



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Nothing wasted

Everything celebrated

It's time to look past the 'perfect' parts that are normally presented to us and become used to eating the parts that are just as wholesome but often overlooked.

Onglet Steak

Something new

Onglet or Hanger Steak, is a cut between and the rib and the loin supporting the diaphragm. It tends to have a more gamey flavour and is very lean and should be cooked rare to medium-rare.

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